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Lavender Hills, born from John and Toni Murrell's French rural inspiration, began in 2002 on 20 acres of Ontario farmland. Committed to crafting luxurious Lavender Essential Oil products, the brand evolved under Anita and Rick Paju's stewardship in 2015, maintaining a steadfast dedication to natural ingredients. Despite the farm's closure, quality endured in small batches. Anita's courageous battle with ovarian cancer ended in 2017, leaving an enduring legacy. Now led by Debby Pirso, Lavender Hills continues the tradition, offering handcrafted, Made In Canada Lavender products online, inviting you to explore a world of natural well-being. Stay updated on Facebook for the latest news.


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What makes Lavender Hills products unique?

At Lavender Hills, our products stand out for being 100% natural and handcrafted, with a commitment to quality. We source the finest ingredients to create a luxurious line of Lavender Essential Oil products that are Made In Canada.

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely! Our products are crafted with a focus on natural ingredients and exclude harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, DEAs, Sodium Lauryl Sulphates, Petroleums, and Parabens. This makes them suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

How can I purchase a Lavender Hills Gift Card?

Ordering a Lavender Hills Gift Card is easy! Simply click on the "Shop Lavender Gifts" section on our website and choose the Gift Card option. You can select the desired amount, and we'll send the e-gift card directly to the recipient's email for a delightful surprise.

How can I stay updated on Lavender Hills news and promotions?

Stay connected with us by liking our Facebook page at We regularly share the latest news, product updates, and exclusive promotions to keep our valued customers in the loop.