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Lavender Hills

Sleepy Pillow Spray

Sleepy Pillow Spray

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Love Lavender?  Well say hello to our Lavender Sleepy Pillow Spray! It's sure to become your best friend & help send you off to sleep quicker. Lavender Hills sleepy pillow spray is hand crafted & created using our secret Victorian recipe, so get ready to enjoy sweet dreams- thanks to Lavender Hills Sleepy Pillow Spray. It comes in a large & small travel size bottle so you can simply spray your linens before bedtime, even when travelling) & de-stress along with the thousands of our regular customers who repeatedly purchase our Sleepy Pillow Spray from Bedding Boutiques & Gift Shops across the country.  Now, it's your turn to get a good nights sleep...sweet dreams from Lavender Hills!  And, as always our entire line of Lavender Hills home & body care products is proudly Made In Canada.

Oh by the way, if you notice two different labels on our Sleepy Pillow Spray then don't panic! It's still Lavender Hills secret formula inside. We've just redesigned our labels for a new look - so we hope that you'll enjoy it.

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