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Lavender Hills

Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On 10ml

Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On 10ml

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Love Lavender? Then wait until you try our 100% PURE Lavender Essential Oil  Roll-On. This is the 'champagne' of Lavender Oils so a little goes a long way! Just one drop is usually enough since it's surprisingly aromatic. This roller ball is the ideal size to carry in your purse or slip into your pocket. 10ml

True Facts:  Lavender oil has been used since Roman times, and is known as an aid to restful sleep. The use of Lavender is found to also have many relaxing, healing, and therapeutic properties, such as stress reduction, sleep aid, ear infections, headaches and migraines, calming horses and pets, helping dogs sleep & much more. Here at Lavender Hills, this lavender oil was specially selected and has been used in all our products from our lotions to our creams, soaps and even our soy candles.  

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